I always say that portfolio shoots are suppose to be done with planning and lots of pre production work. I get tons of model inquiries from everywhere who are interested in modelling, I am all about goals and dreams as I have always been a dreamer and chased my dreams. So when a new model call me it actually excites me more that I will be able to help them and give them the right direction regardless of they work with me or not. My personal journey stated as an actor at a very young age and transitioned into modelling as I matured, what I realised was that there are some many scams out there and I had personally experienced a few, I will share my personal story some other time for now when I finally grew up and realised that I am better off behind the camera, lol. I became a photographer, whenever I met a new model it seemed like they have already spend tens and thousands and have not got any where. My job is to shoot a portfolio but I also felt obligated to help them give them right direction. That’s why I get excited and want to help them to the best of my abilities. Similarly when James first send us an email about his interest in modelling I was excited, so we met and talked and I found out about his goals and dreams we planned his shoot created some looks which will help him market and attract some top agents and scouts. I had my team onboard which consisted of make up artist, hair stylist and also a wardrobe stylist.