This is one aspect of the modeling industry that is extremely easy to break into. Commercial models are basically models that look like you and your next-door neighbor. They are everyday people modeling and advertising products such as household items, food, sporting equipment, pharmaceuticals, travel destinations, and more.

One fundamental advantage is that unlike fashion models who must have specific measurements, commercial models can be any shape, age, height, and size.

The income that a commercial model earns can vary depending on the type of job, the market in which the client or model is based, and the model’s level of experience.

Commercial models can generally expect to earn around $300 per hour for the amount of time they are on set. Buyout fees range from between $500 to tens of thousands of dollars.

To find good work as a commercial model, you need to have an agency representing you. To get hired by an agency, you need to submit your pictures to modeling agents and scouts, You can just send snapshots, but remember these are busy people and its hard to get a second chance, so you have to make sure that you send images which will make you irresistible. You need a specialist fashion photographer to help you, who can evaluate your particular look and determine what would work best for you and accordingly help you build a irresistible portfolio. This photographer can also help you get to the legit agencies and scots.

Put a little effort into your photos; let your personality shine through. Your portfolio has to be planned, should have good range of pictures to show your strength in posing and expressions. Every portfolio is different and unique and should be building as per your looks.

Commercial models should also be good actors for that matter you should work on your expressions and posing, one very effective exercise you should do daily is to spend about 30 minutes in front of a mirror and practice your posing and expressions. Start by gathering few images digital or print of some models or celebrities and imitate it. Get in the position and study the expression and do it yourself.

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Model: Andressa Junqueira  is a very successful commercial model represented by modeling agency @musemodelsnyc 

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