Modeling, it’s being an artist as well. It’s just being a silent artist. It takes a lot of self-control and a lot of discipline- Jessica White

You’re thinking about becoming a model right?. If you are, the odds are that you are already discouraged even before starting out. You probably think that the modeling market is already saturated, and that there is no space for a new comer like you.

Or perhaps you have already done one type of modeling or another, but have yet to achieve the kind of professional success you’d like. In all likelihood, you believe that success, as a model will be hard to achieve and have resigned yourself to scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The truth of the matter is that the modeling world has never been this easy to conquer, and there are plenty of opportunities to be had for the tenacious model who will not allow a few challenges to act as a deterrent to achieving professional success. The truth is that you can make it as a professional model. All you need is to gain access to insider modeling industry secrets you might not have had.

Here are some insider secrets that will help.


You need to know that practically anyone and everyone can become a model today. The long-held barriers to entering the modeling industry have been challenged over the years and are virtually non-existent today.

A popular myth about the modeling profession is that you have to be tall to be a model. Well, that myth has been debunked. You don’t have to be tall. While there are certain height requirements for runway and editorial models, there is a tremendous amount of work available for models that are shorter than 5’7. The most popular example of a not- so-tall but wildly successful super model is Kate Moss. She was one of the first to break the height barrier at 5’6. Male models like Aaron Frew at 5’7 are also today making good money as a model for Calvin Klien.

You also don’t have to be skinny to be a professional model. The profession is now open to people of various sizes, from skinny to “real” sizes, to plus sizes. Over the last decade, the plus size modeling market has become one of the fastest growing and most important sectors of the fashion industry. An example of a plus size model is Ashley Graham (Ford Models).

Thirdly, there is no more age barrier to modeling. You don’t have to be very young to break into the industry. The demand for models who represent a variety of age categories has also become an important part of the modeling industry. We now have women making their debut professional modeling career at age 60/70.

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