Some newbies get into the modeling profession with the thought that they can do it all. The truth is that modeling is just like any other multi-faceted profession, and it is better to specialize as early as possible. Here are some of the areas for you to consider specializing in:

  1. High fashion/runway modeling
  2. Commercial and print modeling
  3. Editorial modeling
  4. Catalogue modeling
  5. Fitness modeling
  6. Cosmetic modeling
  7. Swimsuit and underwear modeling
  8. Showroom modeling
  9. Fit modeling
  10. Nude modeling
  11. Body part modeling

The most popular and seemingly lucrative of these kinds of modeling are high fashion, editorial, commercial and runway modeling.

You need to know however that a lot of models who have found success doing high fashion, editorial and runway modeling mostly began as commercial, showroom and fit modeling.

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