What is Branding?

Branding is typically used in the marketing world for a product or service where the company creates a name, symbol, logo, design to get easily identified in the market place, these things once advertised and promoted will resonate with people to easily associate it with that product or company, eventually your brand will build to be a true representation of who you are as a business and your business values and how you wish to be perceived. 

What are the Results of Branding?

1. Branding increase business value.
2. Branding generates new customers.
3. Creates positive impression of the company/person.

Branding is huge subject which is hard to explain in just a blog post, however it does give a gist of what it is and how it can result in your business. In today’s world it’s not just about the big companies and products with the likes of social media everyone who participates in it has to create an image of themselves, linkedin has impacted this in a big way even for all the working class as the HR professionals are first looking at your headshots and reading your endorsements and weighing you interview worthy by seeing who you are connected and how much of a personal network you have to impact on the job.

I have always been interested in this subject being a business owner myself I like to read about it as often as I can, there is a lot of content available online about branding, I want to talk about how important good thoughtful photography is in building your brand. I am constantly working with artists such as make up artist, hair stylist, musicians, actors, bloggers, educators, doctors and the list goes on. I think there are two ways to approach this visually if I am working with a personal brand then I like to find out about their goals and aspirations finding out what is their goal always helps me building a good concept for their photoshoot. 
I think at this point with over 20 years of experience with helping people with their brand photography I consider myself to be a specialist in this area and I can provide value to my clients like no one else for pennies on the dollar. 

Who Needs a Headshot vs Branding shoot?

I think identifying who needs a headshot vs a full blown branding shoot is important. in most cases people who are employed with a company or pursuing a career need a headshot to have profesional presence online. headshot is a must for everyone, it opens up doors of opportunity like nothing else, we are constantly judged on Linkedin or other social networking platforms by potential companies we dream of working for. 

Branding shoot is requires more than just a headshot, it is typically required by any one who either owns a business and is the face of their company. It can be an artist, musicians, makeup artists, hair stylists, Doctors, Attorneys, Dental offices, Influencers, bloggers, tailors, designers list is pretty long. 
My branding shoots are detailed and in depth typically a successful branding shoot requires more than one look, and in most cases regular shoots with the concepts and message to build you as a strong brand. I typically recommend a 3 to 4 look shoot every quarter which can be used for on multiple platforms such as your website, instagram, facebook, LinkedIn. 
Every shoot has to have a concept and it has to stay true to your brand. 

Recently I worked with celebrity hair stylist Toni Jackson on her branding shoot, as you will see in these images her goal was to showcase that she is a not another hairstylist she is well skilled to work on photoshoots and productions, she regularly work on set and is mobile.

I will love to talk to you and help you build your brand. drop me and email or pick up your phone and call my studio, let’s talk.

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