There is more and more talks about plus size models and the acceptance of plus size models in the main stream fashion modelling. France passing the law on ultra skinny models. all the models are now suppose to submit a medical certificate attesting to good health. Commercial images containing altered corporal appearances are to have the mention “retouched photograph.”  
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Plus size modelling always existed but it was never accepted by the main street fashion. You would not see Plus size models walking the ramp on Mercedes Benz New York fashion week, you could find some on the off broadway type shows until 2006 when some of the big time designers realised the market is huge in fact the plus size market or I really like to say the real women market is bigger than any other category in fashion. 
So I found this interesting data from 
Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano both used plus-size models[5] in their Spring 2006 showings in Paris.[6] Gaultier also used plus-size models Marquita Pring and Crystal Renn in his Spring 2011 Ready to Wear show.[7][8] Italian plus-size fashion house Elena Mirò now regularly stages biannual prêt-à-porter shows during Fashion Week in Milan.[9] Mark Fast[10] and William Tempest[11] each used plus-size models during their own London Fashion Week showings for Spring 2009, and again as part of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk[12] event held on 19 September 2009 in association with the British Fashion Council. Mark Fast also used plus-size models in Fall 2010,[13] Fall 2011,[14] and Spring 2012.[15]

Just few years ago who would have imagined that Pluz size model would grace the cover of Vogue, but it happend, Ashley Graham has become the torch bearer and the first plus size supermodel to break every norm out there. Girl in on, America’s next top model as a judge, it also seems like that in the next season we will actually see plus size models competing along side our regular skinny models.  I think we are in a really exciting time of modelling and fashion industry.
As a fashion photographer I get to travel everywhere, i shoot for agencies and models out of New York city, LA and my home town Philadelphia.
I am also witnessing that more and more talented plus size models are coming in the industry now, In the past year alone I have shot over 10 plus size model portfolio, I have been a speaker at plus size modelling workshops. One of the best advices I give to them is to be confident of their look and be learn to be comfortable with in their skin. Ashley Graham made it so big because she has honed her craft, she is very comfortable within her skin and know how to pose.  
Practice in front of a mirror every day, work on your expressions and body, know what outfits look good on you.

So Amanda reached out to me and expressed her interest in modelling and acting. we met and honestly she was so expressive and natural that I wanted to work with her right away. We started preparing for her shoot, it took about 4 weeks to prepare, my makeup artist and hairstylist got on board. Since Amanda is also very expressive and acting comes naturally to her, I wanted to focus on commercial modelling, work on the looks which will show variety in her portfolio and headshots. Philadelphia market has lot more commercial work in comparison to fashion keeping that in mind we wanted to focus on local market and clients.